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Retinal Tears & Detachment

What are retinal tears and detachment?

To understand these problems with the retina, you first need to know what the retina is. The retina lines the eye. It gathers light and changes it into signals that are sent to the brain and turned into visual images. Sometimes part of the retina either tears or pulls away (detaches) from the back of the eye. If it does, that part of the retina cannot gather light. Vision loss may occur. Tears or detachment may be caused by aging, an eye injury, or another eye problem.

Symptoms of a tear:

Floaters (specks or threads in your vision)
Flashes (lights, stars, or streaks in your vision)
Suddenly blurry vision

Symptoms of a detachment:
If you have a detachment, you may notice:

Signs of a tear (floaters, flashes, and blurry vision)
An area of dark vision, like a curtain or veil coming down

Learn the warning signs:
A lot of people see flashes and floaters from time to time. But sometimes these or other symptoms can be signs of a tear or detachment. Call your doctor quickly if you notice any of the following:

The number of flashes or floaters you see suddenly increases.
You vision becomes blurry or dark
Your vision changes after a sharp blow to an eye.

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