Jacob Moses Lectureship Video -2012
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Serving  All of Central Ohio
Offices in Columbus, Canal Winchester and Washington Court House

Serving all of Columbus, Canal Winchester and Washington Court House, OH      -   All Rights Reserved.

       For over 55 years, the practice of Dr. Jacob
                   Moses has provided quality eye care for those
                                                                      in need. Today we are continuing that fine
                                                                      tradition through James L. Moses, M.D. and
                                                                      J. Garret Mouser, M.D. with over 50 years
                                                                      of combined experience,our team has treated
                                                                      tens of thousands of patients for
                                                                      numerous types of ophthalmologic problems.

We are proud of our past successes and look forward to helping many others in
the future.

A little understanding goes a long way.

Why have many of our patients continued to see us for 20,30 sometimes 40 years?

Patient Understanding.


Moses       Mouser
& Associates

Moses       Mouser
& Associates
Ophthalmic Surgeons
We see our patients as people with unique problems that require a thorough evaluation assisted by our technical and clerical staff and evaluated by our physicians in a personalized and experienced manner. We always try to answer questions and explain complicated procedures in easy-to-understand language. And to make each visit as pleasant as possible, our support staff is always available to help patients with scheduling, billing and insurance matters.

Fully Qualified. Highly Trained.

As ophthalmologists, our physicians have complete, comprehensive training, including four years of college, four years of medical school, a one-year internship, and a three year residency consisting of approximately 10,000 hours of eye training. Our practice also offers expertise gained through additional fellowship training and each physician participates in at least 50 hours of continuing medical education per year.
Each physician is certified by The American Board of Ophthalmology, is a diplomat to the American Academy Ophthalmology, as well as many other medical organizations.
Jacob Moses Lectureship Video - 2012