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Flashes and Floaters

What are Flashes?
Have you ever seen flashes of light, stars, or streaks that aren’t really there? A few of these flashes are seen by everyone from time to time. Usually you see them in one eye at a time. Flashes are often caused by the vitreous (the gel filling the inside of your eye) pulling on the retina (a membrane that lines the inside of your eye).

What are Floaters?
Floaters look like dark specks, clouds, threads, or spider webs moving through your vision. Most People see them once in a while. Floaters may be pieces of gel or other material floating inside your eye. They are usually harmless.

Are Flashes and Floaters serious?
Most often, seeing a few flashes and floaters is normal. Also, some people may notice them for a while after eye surgery. Most Flashes and floaters require no treatment. But sometimes they can be sign of a serious eye problem. To find out, you may need an eye exam.

When do flashes need treatment?
Flashes that appear all of a sudden or greatly increase in number may be a sign of a problem. They may be cause by the vitreous pulling too hard on the retina. This can make the retina tear or detach from the back of the eye. Rapid vision loss can result. Your eye doctor can find the cause of the flashes and decide if treatment is needed.

When do floaters need treatment?
A sudden increase in the number of floaters you see may be a sign of a tear in the retina or of some other eye problem. Over time, a tear can cause the retina to detach from the back of the eye. Your eye doctor can find out what is causing the floaters and suggest a treatment plan, if needed.

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